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(Long live!) Johan Micaud: “If they stuck with their idea that the content was good today, they’d head for the wall”

This is exactly the analysis that we all have, with the exception of the Bordeaux players. Johan Mikud He responded to the comments of Gaëtan Poussin and Josuha Guilavogui after the defeat of the Girondins de Bordeaux in Paris, and found them, like us, right next to the painting!

« C’est l’analyse d’après match qui me surprend énormément… Je trouve ça hallucinant que j’entends dire que… Oui, il faut marquer des buts, on est d’accord, mais il ya une attitude à avoir pour Goals. If Girondins only relied on their lone shot in the first minute saying ‘we had to put them on the bottom’. It’s a nice shot, there’s a very good save by Navas. We thought that in the corner, there was an extra opportunity, perhaps that would elicit a reaction from the Girondins. But no, post-match analysis, no. If they stick to their idea that the content was good today, they’ll go down the drain. I think he was not aggressive enough, not intense enough, not present enough in the duel, and we watched the opponent too often … Yes, we were in our place, we slipped, we worked together; It’s something. But if you take the references, and see Nantes of Paris, the residents of Nantes did not have the same attitude. Of course, on the side of Nantes we are calmer than the inhabitants of Bordeaux, but for that we have to strive for success. Luck must be provoked. If their analysis says it was good… PSG weren’t on their best day, more had to be done to annoy them. Now we have to do more, give more, be more visible in the last counters. But it is not enough to hope to get out of it.

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