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Louis Hamilton wants Michael Masi to resign.  The position of racing director is in jeopardy

Louis Hamilton wants Michael Masi to resign. The position of racing director is in jeopardy

The events that determined the F1 Championship title at the end of the Abu Dhabi GB and their possible consequences are still talked about at the Motorsport Queen’s Batak. Thanks to Lewis Hamilton, after losing the title, he threatened to end his career in F1. The Mercedes driver still does not understand this fact, and in conjunction with Toto Wolff is demanding specific changes to the structure of the FIA. British Target F1 Racing Director – Michael Masi.

The FIA ​​is currently investigating the incident in Abu Dhabi. Exactly nine days before the start of the winter test in Barcelona, ​​on February 14, the first report on the work of the Special Commission is due to be issued to drivers and teams. It is no secret that Hamilton is counting on the FIA ​​to snatch his post as director of racing after discovering massive irregularities in Masi’s work.

If this does not happen and the results of the commission’s work do not satisfy the seven-time world champion, the British driver will finally finish his start in F1 and put Mercedes in a very difficult position a few days ago. The beginning of the new season.

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According to Jeroen Plegemolon, the British driver will get his way and force changes in the FIA. – Hamilton is trying to put more pressure on the FIA ​​and his strength is immense. I think he has the power to say goodbye to a few, including Michael Masi. He wants to turn everything upside down and he can do it. In all of this it has a huge impact, some may leave, Bleekemolen said in an interview with NOS. Lewis deserves to be racing for a few more years. Sees the eighth world title on the horizon.

“Hamilton’s opinion has been noted and everyone is talking about it – it’s putting pressure on the FIA.” They need to intervene and make changes. The Dutch driver says the FIA ​​must come up with a good story, otherwise Hamilton’s first words the F1 administration would not want to hear.

Will the strenuous efforts of Hamilton and Mercedes change the overall race management structure in the new season and Masi say goodbye to his post? The Australian took over as director of racing before the Australian Grand Prix in March 2019. This happened in connection with the sudden departure of Charlie Whiting.