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Lucasfilm reveals first details of ‘Star Wars: Visions’

Epic star Wars About to release a new animated anthology under the name VisionsThe titles of each episode have been revealed, as well as the corresponding animation studio responsible for its development.

After trying many traditional and 3D animation techniques, this will be the first time the franchise will enter the world of animation.

During a recent presentation on his painting “Anime Expo Live 2021behind the team خلف Star Wars: Visions An impressive lineup of animation studios has been revealed that will be a part of this series that strives to break the narrative boundaries of the franchise. They also provided a brief overview of what audiences can expect in this production.

Episodes that will make up the first season of Star Wars: Visions it will be: fencing, de kamikaze douya, lop and ocho by Geno Studio. Tatooine Rhapsody by Studio Colores, Twin s Sheikh D Treasure. village bride by Kinema Citrus, he agreed s to B1 by Science Sary y ninth grandfather From IG Productions

One of the characteristics of Star Wars Visions is the fact that while each of its episodes takes place in this vast narrative world, their respective animation studios have been given complete creative freedom to experiment with each of their elements.

Star Wars: Visions It has a release date in Disney + On September 22.

It was described by Lucas Film As the franchise’s first production in anime form. It will allow each short film to present a unique sensitivity of Japanese culture, in addition to being inspired by the myths of the eastern country and films Akira Kurosawa.

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