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MacBook Air first benchmarks with Apple M2 processor

MacBook Air first benchmarks with Apple M2 processor

The first results of benchmarking the new MacBook Airs with the Apple M2 processor are now available. How does it compare to the MacBook Pro M2?

Geekbench 5 score noticed by “Mr. Macintosh” on Twitterthe MacBook Air with an Apple M2 processor and 16 GB of combined RAM got 1,899 for single cores and 8,965 for multiple cores.

These results are roughly the same as those obtained by the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2, confirming that Apple’s new MacBooks perform nearly identically in composition tests as they do on models equipped with M1 processors.

The previous generation MacBook Air with (M1) has a single-core score of 1706 and a multi-core 7420, which means that the MacBook Air M2 offers up to 20% multi-core performance compared to the M1 model. That’s as much as Apple is already advertising. There were also initial doubts about the overheating of new devices from Apple.

It will also be revealed if the base model of the MacBook Air M2 with 256GB disk has only one NAND memory chip, and therefore is slower; As with the base model of the MacBook Pro M2.

The new MacBook Pro 13 with a slower engine than the M1?

You can order new MacBook Airs from the Apple Store online. They’ll hit stores on July 15, and the first reviews will appear on YouTube the day before.

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