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"Magic of News" debuted on Polish television.  "It reminds us of how ordinary people are."

“Magic of News” debuted on Polish television. “It reminds us of how ordinary people are.”

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On Friday, September 3 at 23:00, the first episode of the Polish edition of the show “Magic of Nudity” aired on the Zoom TV channel. The station’s program director, Rafas Freyer, acknowledged that the station expects demonstrations, insisting that the nudity displayed on the show is not obscene.

“The Magic of Nudity. Poland” will air. There is the date of the first chapter

Poland has its own “naked magic”. Will there be complaints?

“The Magic of Nudity” is a variation of the “Date in the Dark” show that aired on DVB1 for many years since 1992 and involves choosing “Date” only based on the questions asked. Until the end, the participants were behind the scenes. In the case of the “magic of nudity”, participants choose potential partners somewhat “blindly”. This is because these are hidden behind a screen and gradually reveal their bodies Stop When there are only two finalists left, the selector must take off his clothes and make the final selection.

– There were Protests In Great Britain, so they may also appear in Poland. This is natural because the “magic of nudity” is bold and not everyone likes it. However, this project is not bad or obscene, and nudity is offered in a natural and sexual way – he admitted in an interview Noise Fryer insisted that the show was made under Polish law, that is, under broadcasting law.

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“Magic of Nudity. Poland” debuted on television. Audience feedback

According to Fryer, despite the relative controversies, the show really shows that people are different and “beautiful in this diversity”, which helps viewers get rid of the complex and unrealistic expectations of their own body.

– In our opinion, “The Magic of Nudity. Poland” is primarily an entertainment program, which also has an important educational value. At a time when the media is bombarding us with images of models and ideal bodies of models, “The Magic of Nudity. Poland” reminds us of how ordinary people really are – emphasizes the show’s director.

However, comments from viewers who had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the Polish show appeared on the web. Many of them focus on the comments of some of the participants who openly criticized the appearance of others participating in the show. “In general, there is a mental gap between the poles and the west, it does not look good” – wrote one of the audience. The second “is weak in any version [zagranicznej – red.] No critique like us.