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Major police operation continues after stabbing in Canada

Ten people were killed and at least 15 are being treated in hospital after the attack of two perpetrators with a knife in Saskatchewan on Sunday. In total, there are thirteen different crime scenes in the James Smith Cree Nation Reservation and Weldon Village.

It appears that some of the victims were targeted and some were randomly selected. Talking about an impulse photo is very difficult right now, Rhonda Blackmore of the FBI says at a press conference.

news agency Reuters He described the act as one of the worst in recent Canadian history.

The first warning came Early Sunday morning local time. After the knife attacks, warnings were issued to residents across Saskatchewan and neighboring provinces such as Alberta and Manitoba – an area of ​​about 20,000 square miles.

The motive behind the perpetrators is unknown, says Rhonda Blackmore of the Federal Police.

Photo: Michael Bell/TT

Monday Poetry The suspected perpetrators, both in their 30s, have yet to be arrested.

Police described the men as armed and dangerous. They were last seen in the regional capital Regina, about 30 miles south of Weldon Village, at lunchtime on Sunday. Then they were in a black car.

We don’t know if they changed vehicles later, says Rhonda Blackmore.

Police have set up roadblocks across Saskatchewan and are conducting identity checks on passing motorists.

Accommodation in the area They were asked to be careful not to take hikers or allow strangers into their homes.

A state of emergency was declared in the indigenous area following the attacks. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the government is ready to provide society with the support it needs.

“To James Smith Cree and the people of Saskatchewan: You are on our minds. We are here to support you at this difficult time.” statement.

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