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Mandatory remote work in administration. Minister Niedzielski also appeals to private companies

Mandatory remote work in administration.  Minister Niedzielski also appeals to private companies
/ Ministry of Health

We have decided to introduce a mandatory transition to remote work in the public administration, and there will be a decree on this in the coming days, the Minister of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, has informed. He appealed to all employers to introduce remote work.

And the head of the Ministry of Health, in a press conference, Wednesday, reported 30,586 new confirmed cases of coronavirus. He stated that we have entered the fifth wave, which will develop very dynamically in the coming days.

Therefore – he said – the situation requires taking special steps. “We decided to impose an obligation to transition to remote work in the public administration,” said the head of the Ministry of Health.

“In the coming days, an epidemiological regulation will be prepared, which will impose this kind of obligation on all public employers in the administration, of course, with the exception of those tasks that must be performed for the benefit of citizens and which must be carried out in the traditional business model” – added Niedzielski.

He appealed to all employers in Poland, and all persons responsible for the organization of work, “that if possible, and as far as possible in individual industries, teleworking should become a standard again.”

He stressed that “out of a sense of responsibility towards employees, and out of responsibility for the epidemiological situation in the work environment, I would like to ask you to create a safe work environment.”

He pointed out that if mobility does not decrease, the number of chances of transmission of the virus will not decrease, “unfortunately we still have to take into account this dynamic increase in the number of infections.”

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In Nidzelsky’s opinion, “this situation shows how important and serious the issue, which is currently being addressed in the Chamber of Deputies.” “This law provides an unambiguous basis for imposing the restrictions currently in place,” he explained. He stressed that “this is related to the widespread spread of the testimony of Covid.”

And the head of the Ministry of Health noted that “according to our position, this can be done now, but as I understand it, the legal basis should dispel all doubts and encourage everyone to use this tool.” Nidzelsky also noted that “at all times, the limits that we set as the standard are determined in such a way as to reach 30%, and if the limit is exceeded, it is clear to people who can prove vaccination with a negative test or the prestige of the healer.”

Will there be a closure?

When asked about the possibility of a ban in Poland, in response to the increasing number of infections with the Coronavirus, he said: “Looking at the epidemic policy in other countries, we can clearly see that there is a clear departure from what we call closures towards the widespread use of certificates, which confirms Testing, recovery case, or vaccination.”

He added, “I believe that lockdowns in themselves are not and will not be a tool used in epidemiological policy, as they have been in previous waves, but rather a matter of moving towards the use of these testimonies.”

Children aged 12-17 years vaccinated with the third dose

At Wednesday’s conference, Nidzelsky informed that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) meeting, which is dedicated to the possibility of approving the third dose of the vaccine for children aged 12-17, will take place on January 24.

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“If this decision is positive, and everything is pointing to it, the action is that after the recommendation of the EMA, the decision is taken by the European Commission. This usually happens either the same day or the next day, and we will take the next 2 -3 days. Days we launch this Probability ”- explained.

He pointed out that if things go according to these assumptions, the vaccination of children with the third dose “will be available” at the end of next week.

When asked about the possibility of tightening restrictions, Niedzielski confirmed that many utilities have a 30% limit. The occupancy rate, which may only be exceeded if the person presents a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, has a negative test result or has been convicted.

“We can all see that the implementation of these standards leaves much to be desired,” – said the minister. For this reason, he added, he is waiting “with interest” for the adoption of the Health Status Verification Act. He also added, “It is not an art” to continue lowering the limits, but it is necessary to provide an “appropriate legal structure” that allows for better implementation of solutions.

Niedzielski about his alleged resignation

Adam Nidzelsky said at a press conference on Wednesday, when asked if he was linking his possible resignation to the introduction of the so-called Huka Act.

It’s a parliamentary bill on COVID verification, drawn up by a group of PiS lawmakers, including Ceslav Hoek (PiS). As justified in the draft, the provisions are intended to “enable the employer to exercise real control over the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease in the workplace.” On Tuesday, the Cabinet conducted a positive assessment of the so-called Hoka Project.

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“I absolutely think the importance of the law is critical. This law is of key importance to getting through the fifth wave. But I have an unequivocal assurance from the administration here – I’m talking about both Prime Minister Morawiecki and Prime Minister Kaczynski – that the law will be addressed, yes we will have An additional tool for more effective implementation under the responsibility of the epidemiological situation,” said Nidzelsky.

The head of the Ministry of Health stressed that with regard to tests, “we are ready to use them much more.” “Here, the State Strategic Reserves Agency makes purchases and the system for restoring these purchases is such that if the stock level falls below a certain level, it is simply restored under existing contracts and the existing contract” – he emphasized.

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