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Marek Dorzevsky disappeared from the show business.  The diagnosis interrupted his life

Marek Dorzevsky disappeared from the show business. The diagnosis interrupted his life

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On April 6, Marek Dorzevsky celebrated his 62nd birthday. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see him in the media for a long time. Searching for dates of his concerts on the internet is also in vain. A well-known Polish resident fell ill a few years ago. Doctors found that he had a malignant tumor.

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Marek Torzewski has disappeared from the media. He asked for a dramatic diagnosis

Marek Torzewski has great support in his family. He is helped by others.Inside. Daughter, Agatha Dorsevska. He revealed some time ago that the tenant was suffering from a malignant tumor. She admitted that she was weak and needed a little more peace. Barbara Romanovich-Dorchevska is also with her husband. The couple has been together for about 40 years.

My husband did not accept this message. He gave up fighting for himself. It fell on us like a bolt from the blue. This is a big shock – said Barbara Romanovich-Dorzevska in an interview with Plezada.

The artist’s wife admitted that Dorzevsky had completely retreated within himself and avoided contact. He did not want to talk about the disease.

The only stimulus at that time was my daughter Agatha. She said to him: “Marek, please do not do this to me. You know that I will marry you. Promise me that you will begin to heal and take me to the altar. You will sing at my wedding. Give me your word that you will be healed, and let your mother help you.” Then Marek said: Agatha, yes, let’s start.

Marek Dorzevsky with his wifeMarek Dorzevsky with his wife mwegrzyn KAPIF

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Dorzevsky underwent chemotherapy. His health allowed him to appear at his daughter’s wedding – as promised – he sang at the ceremony. The artist may have had surgery, but in the end it did not happen.

I moved the sky and the earth and got all the doctors. We started to go into chemistry. Marek took Agatha to the altar and sang at the wedding. Our daughter saved Marek. The doctors proposed surgery, but it was a major setback for my husband’s career. We gave up surgery, but we only had ten percent to recover from this disease. Opportunities, using experimental therapy – said Barbara Romanovich-Dorchevska.

Many years have passed since then. The valuable Polish period is still under the supervision of physicians, but the treatment has been fruitful. His wife did not hide the fact that he was glad they could still be together.

It is often said that someone “wins” the tumor. This is very inappropriate because no one wants to play the game. Nobody starts this game, it has no effect on us, it comes to us (…). The most important thing is that we are together.

Barbara Romanovich-Dorchevska finally said that the disease her husband was struggling with was terrible.