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Margit Reichert talks about Magdalena Anderson’s cleaning scandal

In fact, it’s not a little strange for a paperless woman without a collective agreement to clean up at Magdalena Andersson. It’s no surprise that you can get a haircut for 120 kr or a Malmö falafel for 30 kr or that the future Northvolt factory shrugs and sighs that it will be a huge administrative burden to demand collective agreements for those who build the factory.

This is how the country has functioned in recent decades, no matter which government was in power: entire sectors now depend on ramshackle shoulders and low wages from the so-called “shadow society”. It simply gets cheaper that way. At least in the short term.

This month, the French interior minister reprimanded Britain for one of them Quarrels over refugees Who has a taste of drowning in the English Channel. He described “semi-modern slavery” as a British economic model that made crowds of desperate people risk their lives in inflatable boats. And it’s not just a British problem – it’s a built and rich world so well suited to those on the right side of the border.

2005, it looks like Long ago, then-Social Democratic Party Secretary Marietta Olfskog managed to attack her representative, Lars Sternqvist, for hiring a cleaning assistant. He was forced to fend for himself – with dust sensitivity and the words “I am not a class traitor.”

It is not possible to get rid of the irresponsibility stipulated in the Regulations

Seventeen years later, the Magdalena Anderson cleaning scandal is very little about the morally reasonable thing of a SPD prime minister buying a clean house, and more about the issue of security itself. Säpo is held accountable for its indolence and on Twitter, the military-intellectual complex rages that Nicaragua is close to Russia politically. The fact that the cleaning company does not have a collective agreement raises questions about whether the prime minister is “fueling crime”. Cleaning lady? It is not only paperless, but also anonymous.

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“Even we who wish to do the right thing can happen to unscrupulous actors”, Anderson’s Comments Entire. Little say it all. Here we no longer have democratic socialism identifying with the workers, but a party that speaks for the honest middle class that buys services and can end up in the clutches of rogue companies.

in but clumsy Practical Political Circulation, Anderson concluded that the incident “shows that we must continue to implement more policy measures to combat various forms of fraud.” It looks good, but it hides the real problem.

Unlike goods that can be easily moved above ground, services must be provided on site. If you pay contractual wages and follow work environment legislation, it will be uncomfortably expensive. This is why municipalities clear the snow, restaurants love labor migration, and construction companies frequently use shady subcontractors: everyone takes advantage of someone, somewhere far away, which makes it cheaper. It is not possible to get rid of the irresponsibility stipulated in the system.

The former finance minister knows this well. It’s the economy, stupid.

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