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Mario Party Superstars is on sale at Amazon Mexico

Just to be notified: IGN can make a small portion of the profit if you buy something through this post. Prices and availability may vary for each address.

Mario Party Superstars recently launched on the Nintendo Switch, so if you’re thinking about getting it, we now have a 7% discount at Amazon Mexico, so it’s $1,299. You can buy it at the link below: Mario Party Superstars – Standard Edition – Nintendo Switch

In case you are not familiar with the game, in this link you can take a look at our review, here is the product description:

The Superstar Collection of Classic Nintendo 64 Boards invites all fans! Mario PartyT is back with five classic party game boards for the Nintendo 64 console. The frost and flowers will be right there as you compete for the most stars (and ruin your opponents) on the Peach’s Birthday Cake board. The original Mario Party. Watch the countdown to Bowser Coin Beam shooting and save coins on the Space Land board. Your luck can change quickly in Mario Party, so stay tuned. In addition, this mode and all other online modes will also be played *! 100 classic mini-games from the Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, and more are back! Try a great selection of mini games from the Mario Party series. It doesn’t matter if you are saving your coins to gain stars in board mode or practice in Free Play, there is nothing better than being the last person standing in the Mushroom Mix-Up or say Shy Guy… All mini-games can be played using the buttons of the controls , so you can use the Joy-Con Controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or the Nintendo Switch Lite Controller. Join the party with superstars near or far. Get ready to celebrate anytime, anywhere using the same console locally or online. Games with friends are saved in board mode per turn, so you can take breaks and get back into the game without any problem. Use reactions to praise or anger your fellow players as you race across the board to collect stars. All modes are multiplayer compatible, so you can meet up with your friends for some mini-games or a 30-lap marathon. Victory is sweet (and stealing stars too) from anywhere in the world. 1. Get the party started on 5 classic Mario Party boards for Nintendo 64 2. Enjoy 100 mini-games that were part of the Mario Party series 3. All game modes can be played online* 4. Games with friends in board mode are saved after each a role, either in local mode or in online mode, so that you can return to the game at any time 5. Play with a single Joy-Con controller, two Joy-Con controllers with a Joy-Con Controller Cradle, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, or Nintendo Switch Lite console.

As always, we remind you that if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Shipping will be absolutely free.

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by the way, Mario Party Superstars It’s not the only Switch game with a discount as there are discounts on other games like Metroid Dread at $1,299 pesosAnd Mario Kart Deluxe 8 at $1,059 pesosAnd Super Mario Party at $1,289 pesosAnd The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD at $999 pesos and more.