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Mary infiltrates and attacks Mayeva Ghanem? Confirm that she has not received a complaint

Tuesday April 20, on set Daily To promote her hidden cameras in Dubai, Mary Inletrits revealed that she has not (yet) received a complaint from Mayeva Ghanem. The reality TV candidate has so far confirmed that she will attack YouTubers for copyright infringement.

After they infiltrated the stage of the Chanel parade, after penetrating the ranks of the “Munif for Tous” demonstrators, She entered the circle of influencers in Dubai. In a hidden camera video series titled Dubai: Vice CityAnd the Mary sneaks out (Among others) were filmed reality TV candidates living in the United Arab Emirates. I particularly found Jazz, Hillary, Fidgy Ruiz, Sarah Lopez, Martica Karingela in a restaurant, and asked them questions about their daily lives away from France. I earn 300,000 euros a monthShe revealed to Jazz privately before answering a question about her taxes that she no longer pays in France: “Screaming about not paying taxes to people who are in the end the same people who come to steal us and shit at us? Not at all!” Confirmed by YouTubers that she recognized Mary’s intrusion and that she wanted to corner her by saying anything.

GhannamShe had been completely hit by Mary intruders Those who met her in a restaurant and praised her on her plastic (or rather, plastic). I asked him how much his butt had cost him. “3 times the 6,000 euros”And the We hear the candidate appearing in the video. The video that Miyeva Ghanem discovered in horror. “A crazy woman came to see me. I thought she was a fan and because I’m kind to my fan, she sat with me. She actually gave me a hidden camera, except for that. Photographing people without their knowledge is prohibited, whether here, in Dubai, or in FranceShe expressed her regret on social networks, rightly adding: “She wanted to make a fuss on my ass!”. So Mayeva Ghanem made a drastic decision: “What I did is very dangerous. I sent him a message, I am attacking him here in France and DubaiBecause it is forbidden to post the video without permission. Doing things like that is very dangerous. “ But did you really file a complaint?

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“That’s what was said, now I’m still waiting.”

Mary sneaks out, invited on set DailyTuesday, April 20, she told how she managed to film the reality TV candidates. “I researched them a little bit. Since they regularly post their lives on the networks, we can easily find out where they are. They are especially friendly and sympathetic peopleLeanne Partes, adding however, explained: “I didn’t have much news … I am not trying to have much, if that matter could still be between us …” In response to a question about the attack on the Ghanem shelters, she confirmed that she has not (yet) received a complaint: “That is what was said now I am still waitingRevealed, follow up: I haven’t received the complaint yet. “ But while filming with a hidden camera, Mary sneaks out the expected fallout: “I’m risking copyright complaints … Things I know, risk doing so.”