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"MasterChef 10": Final.  Who won?  We know the results

“MasterChef 10”: Final. Who won? We know the results

The final match of the 10th edition of “MasterChef” is behind us. Check out what happened in the final episode and who won. It was so exciting!

“Master Chef” One of the most popular cooking projects in Poland. The 10th edition has just been completed, in which (as before) amateurs and culinary amateurs showcased their culinary skills and thus competed for numerous awards – including a statue with the characteristic of “M”, as well as the opportunity to publish them. Own cookbook. What happened in the final? Who won? We know!

“MasterChef 10”: Final. Who won?

This version “Master Chef” Became very emotional. Those who entered the program have participated in several individual and team competitions in recent weeks. In each episode, participants demonstrated that they have amazing taste. The jury oversaw the whole matter: Magda Kessler, Michael Moran and Ania Stormach, As well as hospitality and special guests. A week ago, it was announced that they were coming to the finals Mariusz Kisiel, Renata Semeniuk, Maciej Regulski and Ela Błaszyńska. The final took place today (December 5).

In the final episode, participants and participants can finally show off their skills in what is called the Masterchefs Kitchen, thus impressing the jury. Who did better? The final match was divided into several stages. First, Ella and Renata were expelled. After completing the next task, Magda Kessler, Michael Moran and Ania Stormach announced that Masjid Regulsky had won.

Information about What happened in the final episode of the 10th edition of “MasterChef” Appeared among others on the show’s official profile on Instagram. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Their opinion Maciej Regulski He absolutely deserves to win. Do you agree?

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