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Matthias Schweigofer: That’s why he doesn’t live with his girlfriend Ruby or V

Director Matthias Schweigover, 40, was self-critical when he thought of his young self in the “SuperIllu” interview: “Today I take on a much greater responsibility than before, when I tended to hand things over and let others take care of them. At that time I was driven by more vanity.” . When talking about criticism – as routine and comforting as it is, he sometimes takes negative comments seriously: “Sometimes it hurts, and you have to keep working on being able to categorize precisely which criticisms are negative. I’ve read So much about Stoicism: What you cannot change, you must let go.” In addition to his current movie “Résistance,” “Army of Thieves” is on Netflix with him and his girlfriend Ruby O. Fee on the way. He’s excited about working together: “We had so much fun. Other couples broke up when they had to work together, we got really close. However, there was one rule: when we were at the hotel, we didn’t talk about the day of filming.”

In the video above, you can see a photo of a rare kiss of Matthias and Ruby.

Matthias Schweigofer and Robbie O do not live

In addition to this “rule of love”, the two of them follow another rule: they do not live together. “It works great for us. She spends her girls’ evenings, and I have the peace and quiet. On the contrary, she can’t do anything with me in my sons crowd because of the NFL. Then she takes her legs in her hand. (Laughs) Then again, it’s It’s great to pick up each other for dinner and make yourself kind to each other. You’re cutting out the routine in a very clever way!”

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You can read the full story in the new “Superillu,” 42/2021, available from October 14, 2021.

We show you the couple’s first public appearance here again: