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Media: Krzysztof Pi ± tek upon exit from Hertha! Polar Football Club Values

Although it has been two years since his move to Hertha Berlin in January, Krzysztof Petek has scored just 12 goals in the Bundesliga. He has scored only once this season, although he has made nine appearances. However, he only spent 365 minutes on the field. He became a reserve, although at first he was supposed to be the new star of Berliners.

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But since January 2020, a lot has changed. The Poles already had five coaches in Germany. The five were joined by Jürgen Klinsmann, but after a few weeks he was replaced by Alexander Nouri. Later there were: Bruno Labbadia and Pal Darday, and for two weeks the coach of Hetha was Typhoon Korkut. According to Sport Bild reports, the club’s management is interested in the new coach. This is PSV Eindhoven coach – Roger Schmidt. However, he is not expected to take charge of the club until the summer. Then perhaps the five will not be in Berlin, because the striker was on the list of players who will leave the club.

According to Sport Bild, Herta could earn 15 million euros on a 26-year-old, although she bought him from Milan for 24 million. In addition to the pole, Herta will say goodbye:

  • Tousart (12 million *)
  • Silk (2.8)
  • Platnhardt (4)
  • Stark (10)
  • Boateng (2)
  • Clointer (2)

Approximate values ​​of the players are given in parentheses.

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The crazy career of Krzysztof Piątek

In the fall of 2018, Piątek joined Serie A as an anonymous striker (for Italian fans). Within six months, he became a candidate to become the top scorer of the league, so Milan bought him in January 2019 for 35 million euros, which is 30 more than what Krakow earned. At first, in Milan, he was happy. He shot in series (he finished the season 30 goals in all competitions), although the Rossoneri had terrible problems creating the movement. But in January last year, Zlatan Ibrahimovic came in and the San Siro became very tight on both forwards. And even more so because the pole got stuck.

It is not yet known where Piątek will go.