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Meme with Hitler in defense of drivers and cryptocurrency. Elon Musk attacks the Prime Minister of Canada

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, attacked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Use a Twitter meme with Adolf Hitler for this.

The case concerns truck drivers’ protests, which have become a nuisance to the country and paralyzed the nation’s capital, Ottawa. In this way, drivers expressed the indignation of a large part of Canadian society against the country’s anti-virus regulations.

Prime Minister Trudeau has announced that he will use the provisions of the Emergency Situations Act to deal with the protesters. They are used only in exceptional circumstances, but the authorities realized that only in this way can Ottawa be restored to normal life.

The Emergency Law gives the authorities several powers, including the ability to freeze bank accounts or confiscate cars. The Canadian government has also targeted cryptocurrencies that, if protesters’ bank accounts are blocked, will be used to support rebellious drivers.

Elon Musk responded to this information by posting on Twitter with a photo of Adolf Hitler and the text: “Stop comparing me to Adolf Hitler” and a note under the photo of the leader of the Third Reich: “I have a budget.”

The sarcastic meme in Musk’s mind has been heavily criticized, including. by Jewish organizations. Elon Musk quickly deleted the entry from his Twitter account.

Prime Minister Trudeau also received criticism when he accused a Jewish MP from the opposition Conservative Party of supporting “people waving swastikas” – a reference to Canadians opposed to his policy.


Elon Musk lived in Canada for some time in his life. His mother is Canadian.

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