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Meta Facebook privacy data settings

Meta Facebook privacy data settings

Facebook, now owned by Meta, apart from Instagram and WhatsApp, for years There is no best opinion on protecting user privacy. Suffice it to mention events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the 1.5 billion user data leak, and most recently Francis Hogan’s testimony that exposed the ethically questionable behavior of Facebook and Instagram.

Rewrite the rules

Of course, every social platform that belongs to Meta has its own regulations, as well as privacy rules that users must accept in order to use a particular service. However, there have long been complaints from netizens These documents are written and presented in a tight and highly incomprehensible form, Which can only be apparent to educated lawyers.

Meta has now announced that it wants to fix it. It starts broadcasting notifications to let your audience know the Privacy Policy, formerly known as Data Policy, has been updated.

“In response to feedback from our technology users and information from privacy experts, we have reworked the Privacy Policy to make it more visible and to include our latest products,” explains Michel Prouty, Meta’s Director of Privacy. – While the text looks different in many places, the way Meta collects, uses, and shares data has not changed. We also still do not sell user information.

Meta points to it Regulations also updated. The objective of this update is to provide a clearer overview of group data practices.

“We’ve added more details and examples, among others,” Protti confirms. – At Meta, we have always tried to create custom solutions that provide many benefits and privacy at the same time. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure that this data is effectively secured and that we inform you about how we use it. These activities include communicating clearly about our data practices and the choices available to you.

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Meta says it also provides more ways to access Settings to customize your products. You can still manage your privacy settings at any time.

– In addition, we are updating the regulations to better explain what is expected of us and users of our platforms – informs Protti. – These expectations include the rights and obligations set forth in the Community Standards (for example, situations in which we may disable or terminate accounts that violate Community Standards or policies, someone else’s intellectual property rights, or other rights).

According to the advertisement The updates will take effect on July 26 this year. You do not need to do anything about this notice until this date to continue using the Meta Products.

Updated privacy policy Includes Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. However, it does not apply to WhatsApp, Workplace, Free Basics, and Messenger Kids.

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Answer the predictions

Meta emphasizes that privacy and data protection laws have been improved around the world in recent years. “We’ve looked at different ideas for user-centric privacy solutions and developed clearer data practices,” says Protti. Today’s updates are inspired by feedback from privacy professionals, policy makers, and users of our services. We plan to update our Privacy Policy frequently as we discover more areas for improvement.

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The company encourages you to read the updated policy to understand how it is applied and Get updated information on the latest products, Like Stores and Facebook View. Meta says it has also taken into account more information about which third parties it shares data with and who receives the data, and it explains how user data is shared between products.

Update privacy settings

It also provides meta New settings to help you decide who can see your posts on Facebook. “If you specify the default audience, that group will be applied to new posts created on Facebook and shared to the timeline, unless you specify a different audience for a specific post,” Protti points out. – Previously, the default audience for posts was set according to the last selected audience. For example, if the last public post is published, subsequent posts will also be treated as such. The new setting makes it easier to target your posts to the right people in your community.

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Ads management

Meta has been highlighting this lately Combine ad topics and interest categories in one setting Available on Facebook and Instagram, which covers a wider range of advertising topics. This individual setting allows users to set ad content preferences that reflect interest-based targeting categories to help advertisers reach their audience and the content they can see in their ads.

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