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Microsoft Edge adds a reference generator for APA quotes

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Internet Explore’s iconic legacy continues with innovation, and this feature will help more than one in their missions. and that is Microsoft Edge Built in your browser a Citation generator and bibliographic references for academic works, a tool that allows students to manage the resources they find on the Internet and integrate them into their work without much problem.

the tool else From edge Available in preview, on channels Microsoft Edge Canary y DevAccording to the company, it has no impact on a fingerprint Microsoft Edge or in device memory when not in use.

It is a novelty aimed at a specific audience, such as Students and researchers who seek to facilitate collection, organization and inclusion in their work From the sources they consulted to make it. That means, no more fighting to figure out how to reference it properly.

With it activated you can generate Full and in-text citations, and in the selected style of built-in options (MLA, Chicago, and APA 7, among others). The company writes on the Windows Blog that at the moment This tool is automatically compatible with a number of websites, but you can enter the information manually to generate the bibliographic citation.

If you have a Windows PC, the software will likely be installed by default. But it’s also available for macOS, iOS, and Android devices, and you can download it here.