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Moraveki about Banas' statement: We acted as we should have

Moraveki about Banas’ statement: We acted as we should have

Chairman of the Office of the Supreme Auditor Marion Banas It has been reported that the Supreme Audit Office will inform the Attorney General’s Office of the possibility of Prime Minister Mathews Moraveki committing a crime by organizing the presidential election in May 2020. Marias Kamiyaski, head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, and Minister of State for Property Jacek Sachin Mikas Dworsik.

Comments on the situation were heard at a press conference in Brussels Premier.

Presidential elections are a constitutional duty; The Constitution of the Republic of Poland includes the dates of these elections, in fact they are written there. So, Ann Power Administrator, I – with the cooperation of local governments – I would like to remind you – was burdened with the obligation to hold presidential elections (…) if we did not try to protect those presidential elections, by ordering the printing of envelopes or the printing of ballot papers, the same accusation against us of preparing for the presidential election We can be boldly accused by individuals. Moraviski replied.

“We acted as we wished”

Therefore, in my title, the President (Prime Minister) and the Ministers responsible for overseeing the relevant institutions may once again refer to this topic in such a way that I believe they acted. As they should, they did so Elections Can be carried out He announced Prime Minister.

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According to him, “there was a level of local government ban at the time” at the time Elections They may have been done, they did not happen, they were only done a few weeks later.

But I think citizens need to be sure that elections can be held within the constitutional deadline, and that’s what we took care of, and that’s it. The Prime Minister announced.

According to NIK Levels, Prime Minister Mathews Moraviski, issued two executive decisions and did so “without legal basis”. In turn, announcements by state property minister Jacek Sachin and Home Affairs and Administration Minister Mariusz Kamiaski indicate a failure to fulfill duties as a result of the prime minister’s decision to hold postal elections. Although they were issued illegally in the opinion of the Supreme Audit Office, they “acted on legal transactions” and the companies to which the results were addressed did not exercise the right to appeal against the decision, so it was emphasized that they were obligated to enforce them.