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My wife saw him draw a new arrow and shoot a bow.

The flag flutters on a half pole at high school, Kongsberg High School. In Magasinparken next to the powerfully bustling Numedalslågen, the river whose waters flow from the Hardangervidda, small lanterns, candles and laying flowers are lit.

Some of Kongsberg’s 27,000 have passed, and there is little talk of what the madness might be about – but probably most: Do I know any of those who have been hit by arrows?

Friends Guru Barstad Holti and Gabega Ballyukite don’t know what to believe.

Friends Gabija Baliukaite and Guro Barstad Holte, like everyone else in Kongsberg, are wondering if they know any of those affected on Wednesday night.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

“I found out that something had happened through the news and from some friends before I went to town yesterday,” says Guru Barstad Holt.

– Someone wrote on Facebook, and only then did I realize how serious it was… I never thought that something like this could happen here.

Kongsberg holds a lot of Norwegian pride. The government arms group bears the city’s name and has more than 7,000 employees based here, in the mountains where nearly 400 years ago it began blasting large quantities of silver. Its university of technology, which focuses only on rocks and geology, is another pride.

– I’ve lived here for over 20 years and feel very good. Everyone knows everyone here. Manhal Walid says I almost lived in the city.

Works with kids Children in a school and his good friend Asad Muhammad run a hairdressing salon.

Friends Asad Muhammad and Manhal Walid at one of the spontaneous memorial sites created in Kongsberg.

Friends Asad Muhammad and Manhal Walid at one of the spontaneous memorial sites created in Kongsberg.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

– There are very good people here, good people! Asad Mohammed says this kind of thing doesn’t happen in Kongsberg.

DN talks to them after standing for a while at the automatic memorial site. Meanwhile, new information comes from the police: The 37-year-old, of Danish descent, has now been arrested, giving his account of how he acted when he killed five people and seriously injured two in just over half. Wednesday night hour.

Manhal Walid says he is grateful that his wife does not belong to them. But he fears that one of the deceased is an acquaintance.

– That’s why I’m here, for him and for the others who lost their lives, he says.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

The first thing Manhal Waleed noticed that something was wrong was that two of his neighbors, who were police officers, suddenly rushed away from the house.

Then his wife called.

– She was so desperate and scared. She was actually on her way out of the Coop store when the alarm went off. Then the doors open automatically as she stands there and guides her with a bow.

described the wife To him, how the man grabbed a new arrow of some kind on his back. One of her friends who happened to be in the store at the same time was there with her husband, a police officer who is available in the evening.

– He was hit by one of the arrows here, on his shoulder, says Manhal Walid, and he pointed at himself.

The policeman belonged to those who were taken to the hospital but survived.

The flag flutters on a half pole at high school, Kongsberg High School.  The Numedalslågen River flows in the background.

Flag waving at half mast at High School, Kongsberg High School. The Numedalslågen River flows in the background.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

Manhal Walid says that at first he did not understand that his wife was serious.

– I had a hard time believing it, did this really happen? But then it turned out…

My friend Asad Muhammad’s experience was less dramatic – but filled with blue lights and sirens. He closed his hair salon a little earlier to make time to follow his son to a soccer match.

– On the way there, I met at least ten police cars and ambulances that were traveling at high speed from Drammenhållet. Then I called a friend and asked him if he knew what had happened. He said someone started killing people. Then news started arriving via mobile phone that many were injured.

Photo: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

later in the evening Manhal Walid received a message from a friend that an acquaintance of the deceased belonged to the deceased.

Of course everyone asks themselves – why?

– Yes, that’s what you think. Why get rid of innocent people? One can only hope that he will receive punishment. Manhal Walid: I am very sorry for what happened.

When DN talks to him, his wife is in a meeting at the workplace where they will talk about what happened. As a care worker, she sometimes has night shifts, which is the kind she’s been working on.

– You often shop at that particular store for the seniors you care about. It was fortunate that she was not physically affected. The hugs last night were something special.

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