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Mysterious duets: Raphael teases Charles Berlin by reminding him that he kissed his wife Melanie Thierry

Saturday 12 June in Mysterious duoOn TF1, Raphael and Charles Burling sang together As the wind blowsby Renaud. A tribute to their shared passion for boating. But they have another point in common: they both kissed Melanie Thierry.

Concept Mysterious duo It’s simple: Gather the characters together to sing a duet…not knowing with whom. Sometimes an artist knows who’s on the other sideAnd sometimes they don’t even know. Sometimes you’ll know him at home and sometimes you won’t. In short, I decide everything”, Alessandra Sublette explained on Instagram, before the first episode was broadcast, last February, adding that she wanted to “Update Various Offers”. Saturday, June 12, the second episode of Mysterious duo It was broadcast on TF1. discovery opportunity Rafael rich As the wind blowsby Renaud, with Charles BerlinWhich he discovered with great emotion at the end of the song. “What a surprise!”The singer exclaimed and asked the actor: “Do you know or do you not know?” “No, I didn’t know.” The title Renaud was in honor of them Shared passion for boat.

“By Melanie Thierry when she was 15-16 years old”

In fact, Raphael and Charles Berling met in Corsica, where the singer was giving a concert. We said to each other “Hey, let’s go boating”We started boating, and now we don’t stop.”Representative explained. They even bought a boat together. “He’s a great sailor, he was born on a boat, his father was an officer in the navy, while when I shoot something I tie his knots. Every time he yells at me”, said Raphael, explaining that Charles Burling was “Such as [son] brother”.

But the love of the sea is not their common point… I posed with Melanie [Thierry] ? “Alessandra Sublette asked the actor. Yes, she was 15-16 years old. He answered before explaining to Raphael, the actress’s companion: Kissed Melanie Thierry when she was 15-16 years old. What causes embarrassment to the actor. “I swear it’s been a long time. and after It was a cinema, it was fakeYou didn’t love me at all.” without malice

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