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Natzu was accused of lying during the High League "Rounds".  Arcadius Pavsky: Chat is right!

Natzu was accused of lying during the High League “Rounds”. Arcadius Pavsky: Chat is right!

The first High League gala is approaching. On August 28, Natalia Cusmarksik clashes with Lexi Chaplin. Which of them is most likely to win? What is the attitude of the enemies towards each other? They answered audience questions during yesterday’s “Rounds” show.

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Natsu warm fashion, i.e. low waist pants and so on!

“Natzu is one of the reasons I don’t want to leave Team X.”

There may seem to be conflict between the girls. Shortly after joining Natalia Coxmarkjik, the plan fell apart. Natz created a new group X, which they first accustomed the old members to. The women have not been in contact since Lexa went out.

Natsu is one of the reasons I do not want to leave Group X, Lexi told the conference.

Influence admitted that he has fond memories of the time he spent under the same roof with Natzu. They had a very good relationship and spent their leisure time together. He says the spine can be helpful in the event of a fight. However, she has a good attitude towards Natsu and has always considered her as a positive, strong woman.

Natzu reveals what he will spend the money earned on the gala. The fans have decided

Did Natz lie during “Rounds”?

At one point, Arcadia Pavovsky reported that there were messages in the chat that Natzu was lying. Influencerca may have misread her notes, but she is 100 percent. Honest. Lexi asked his opponent if he was under pressure, but he denied it.

Natz did not tell the end of the truth. The chat is perfect – said Arkadius Pavovsky about the words of the audience.

Natsu Verso in the next season?

There were also questions about the play with the participation of verses. Natsu says he is not the right person to determine the situation. She has no idea what the look is and what Veronica Sowa did using the logo. She believes her translation is bad because stealing is simply “bad” and not something you know. Personally, women love each other, and Natalia Cusmarxik admits, they tested what was strong in one of the last cases. Natz won this fight.

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Arcadius Pavzowski and Lexi Chaplin mocked Malik Montana for having to record a fight between Natz and Verso for the next season. Want to see such a conflict?

Influencers feel the pressure of fighting in the high league

Lexi Chaplin, NatHigh League Gala. Lexi will face Chaplin Natz

As viewers have noticed, the controversy surrounding the Lexi Vs Natsu fight has changed a lot recently. Natalia Coxmarsic admits that she was a little stressed by this fact. Lexi wants to be a backward. He thinks that if he fails, fewer people will fail.

Influencers commented on their opportunities. Lexi overcomes physical conditions – she is very tall, but Natsu is in excellent physical condition because she has been associated with sports in the past. What does the octagon show? We will find out by the end of August.