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New Android Auto Update - Dual SIM Support Arrives!  - computer world

New Android Auto Update – Dual SIM Support Arrives! – computer world

Google has added new features to Android Auto. Dual SIM users will be able to switch between phones.

After several years of waiting and many requests from users google browser Consider adding feature support With two slices NS Android Auto. This was confirmed by the search engine giant The used option will appear in 2021, a The first users to use it.

Android Auto image: Daniel Olszewski / PCWorld

Android Auto

Photo: Daniel Olszewski/PCWorld

A user of the portal reddit He bragged that he’s in his car with Android Auto Back The ability to use the Dual-SIM function directly from the infotainment system screen. The job is being rolled out gradually. The software has reached a few consumers who can test the functionality.

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The user who gained access to Android Auto signed up for a beta test. The solution appeared in the application Android Auto version 7.1.614554.

Dual SIM support in Android Auto photo u / abhi050291 / Reddit

Dual SIM support in Android Auto

come in. u/abhi050291/reddit

9to5Google portal tried to replicate the functionality on the latest Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphone, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Google may have chosen a specific Google Account to test the new version of Android Auto.

The Dual-SIM function in Android Auto allows you to switch between SIM cards in the Android Auto phone app. So far, all calls have been made only from the default SIM card.

We first learned about Dual-SIM support in Android AUto in September 2021. Google still didn’t applaud the feature when it’s available to all Android Auto users.

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