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New ARiMR app launched - eWoP

New ARiMR app launched – eWoP

On August 31, 2021, ARMA launched the new eWoP application, which allows farmers to submit online requests for payment of aid awarded for investment activities and bonuses funded from the 2014-2020 RDP budget. This is another tool, besides the eWniosekPlus app, which is a digital tool that does not require preparing and sending documents in paper form.

The Agriculture Restructuring and Modernization Agency has introduced the possibility to apply for payment of the 2014-2020 RDP using the eWoP application. This will ensure effective electronic communication between the beneficiary and the agency, as well as simplify the document verification process, which in turn will speed up the disbursement of funds. From the end of August this year. Electronic payment claims are permitted as part of the following activities:

  • 1 support for investments in agricultural holdings;
  • 2- Supporting investments in the processing, trading or development of agricultural products;
  • 1 support investments in preventive measures aimed at reducing the effects of potential natural disasters, adverse weather events and disasters;
  • 2 support investments in the restoration of agricultural land and the restoration of agricultural productive capacity damaged as a result of natural disasters, adverse weather events and disasters;
  • 1 assistance in starting a small farmer’s business;
  • 2- Assistance in setting up a non-agricultural business in rural areas;
  • 3 help start small farm development business;
  • 4 Supporting investments in establishing and developing non-agricultural activities.
  • EWoP umożliwia portal:
  • Submitting a payment request with attachments, as well as possible corrections;
  • View a list of saved and sent applications or patches;
  • Review messages and notifications sent from ARMA to farms.
  • The new tool is clear and easy to draw, and the use of the offered functions is easy and intuitive.
  • You can log into the eWoP using the username and password you already have when using the eWniosekPlus or IRZPlus apps.
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More information on the website of the Agency for the Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture:

Source: ARiMR