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New image and website for Kaudex Contract Expert in Hotel Projects

New image and website for Kaudex Contract Expert in Hotel Projects

From time to time, hotels make changes to their interior design. These reforms are implemented to improve the internal structure of the organization or in order to enhance the strategy of re-branding and improving the user experience.

Kaudex contract It is a company that specializes in the implementation of Hotel renovations and furniture, with guaranteed results that demonstrate the excellence of their projects. To maintain customers’ confidence, they are constantly working to improve procedures and provide high quality service at all times.

New photo and website

Kaudex’s 2022 contract has chosen to improve and modernize its image, modernizing its identity and presence OnlineThis comes through their experience of more than 50 years in this sector and the infinity of projects that they have implemented all these years as specialists in hotel projects, by carrying out the design and manufacture of hotel furniture.

From its website, Kaudex Contract shows some of its projects a necklace The most important in the field of interior design for hotels. One of his emblematic works is the work he did in Ushuaia Ibiza, located in Ibiza, one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Its design focuses on creating unforgettable moments for its visitors, with first-class finishes that combine with the location of the hotel.

Another project of greater impact was the reform undertaken in Madrid, at the Ayre Gran Hotel Colón, designed by Mayte Matutes, interior designer by architect Victor Rahola. The property is located in the exclusive Serrano neighborhood and has been rated as one of the best places to visit, with its modern and elegant design.

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The company has a technical design department that produces 3D for customer evaluation

With a mission to meet each client’s requirements, Kaudex Contract works with a technical department made up of professionals to design and display each work. The designs are presented in 3D so that the customer can quickly and easily evaluate the proposal.

The advantage offered by the company, as well as manufacturers, compared to others in the same sector, is that each customer has access to the offer of complete installations, a factor that avoids last minute surprises. Once the proposal is approved, or changes are made, if necessary, the Kaudex Contract team implements each project a necklace Until it becomes reality with a clear timeline of project, design, manufacture and implementation. Their extensive experience as manufacturers in this sector a necklace of hotel projects ensure that every size, shape and size is executed accurately.

Kaudex Contract has offices and a factory in Spain, where it manufactures and manages the various projects it undertakes, in addition to being On site In every project from start to finish. In Kaudex contract know that every project a necklace unique and seeing what they can do on their website, you can feel that customers and hotels have chosen, in addition to the current and innovative design, of one of the leaders in the sector a necklace.