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New information in the New York Times about the Nord Stream attack

New information in the New York Times about the Nord Stream attack

The information comes from US intelligence sources, which The New York Times learned about.

According to the information, the involvement of Ukrainian actors cannot be ruled out. But it is not clear who or who was behind the attack or who paid for it. The newspaper wrote that it was most likely about Putin’s opponents.

According to the information, the vandalism may have been carried out by Ukrainian or Russian citizens, or people from both countries.

He has a lot to win

There is currently no indication of official Russian involvement in the attack. There is also no indication that President Zelensky or the Ukrainian government was involved in the attack.

Ukraine and its allies are seen as benefiting most from the attack on the gas pipelines because they enabled Russia to continue selling gas to Europe, The New York Times writes. The Ukrainian government denied involvement in the sabotage.

It is unclear how the new intelligence was obtained.

The German investigation is underway

The German government said on Tuesday that it had taken note of the New York Times information, but added that its own investigation had not yet been completed, the Associated Press reported.

In September 2022, leaks were discovered in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, which run from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea. According to Swedish and Danish seismographs, the sabotage must have shown that the explosion occurred a few hours before the leaks were discovered.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (C) does not want to speculate on the new data.

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– In Sweden, a preliminary investigation is underway in this matter, so I will not comment now, he said during a press conference on Tuesday evening.

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60 seconds: Blasts against the Nord Stream mains off Bornholm. picture: SVT, TT