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New major attack on Ukraine's power grid – Hufvudstadsbladet

New major attack on Ukraine's power grid – Hufvudstadsbladet

During Saturday night, Russia carried out another large-scale attack on Ukraine's power grid, reportedly on the Ukrainian side.

It is the energy supply in the southern and western parts of the country that has been attacked, according to the Energy Ministry in Kiev.

The ministry announced that “equipment at Ukrainergo (State Electricity Company) facilities in Zaporizhia and Lviv was damaged.”

Two people are said to have been injured in the attacks.

The attack is described as the eighth large-scale attack on the electricity grid in three months.


The Ukrainian military estimates that Russian invading forces shot down 16 robots and 13 attack drones overnight. It is said that 11 of the robots were shot down, in addition to all the drones.


The president announced that recent targeted attacks on Ukraine's power grid have halved its capacity compared to last year Volodymyr Zelensky Earlier this week. There are frequent power outages planned and there are likely to be more in the coming weeks. In addition, Ukraine was forced to import more and more electricity from the European Union.

Zelensky demanded the provision of additional equipment for Ukrainian air defense. He also wants to equip public sector buildings with solar panels “as soon as possible.”

– We are doing everything in our power to ensure that Russia's attempts to extort heat and electricity from us fail, the president said earlier this week.