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New Prize in Memory of Jackie Jakubowski – Nathan Shahar

In 2020, Jackie Jakubowski, debater and editor-in-chief of The Jewish Chronicle, passed away after a period of illness.

To honor the memory of his efforts in public, the Army Chronicle has created a new award. It will reward people who have “discovered with curiosity and intellectual courage the conditions of an open society, the relationship between group and individual, and between minority and majority”.

The first prize winner is Familiar with DN readers – Nathan Shahar, writer and correspondent for the newspaper in Jerusalem. He has great reverence for Jacobovsky’s life and work.

– Jackie Jakubowski She meant a lot to me, says Shahar.

With his talent, he could have made a great career and make a lot of money. But he didn’t. Instead, he himself, who himself came from Poland, became the spokesman and defender of Swedish Jews. I don’t know if Jackie himself called himself that, but that’s probably how many have seen him.

The motive behind the award states, among other things, that “Nathan Shahar uses his outstanding style for reason, freedom and popular education. His independent intellectual position is indispensable to the Swedish public, as was previously that of Jackie Jakubowski.”

Jackie Jakobowski

Photo: Karin Törnblom / TT

Is it something like Nathan Shahar He wants to emphasize when it comes to Jackie Jakubowski’s efforts for the Swedish audience, it is precisely independence, perseverance and courage.

He took on many fights and debates that many Swedish Jews thought were a bit difficult and dangerous. And always without becoming chauvinistic in any way.

For example, Ahmed Rami and local radio station Radio Islam might never have been convicted of inciting against an ethnic group without the efforts of Jackie Jakubowski, says Nathan Shahar.

– He and Peer Ahlmark sat there every day during the sessions, buying materials and explaining to the prosecution. They did not give up. Now in retrospect, that’s a big thing and an important milestone. But as it turned out, it didn’t get much media attention.

– There were also a lot of people, who were not considered extremist or anti-Semitic at all, who showed a sudden understanding of Rami in public.

In addition to his work as a journalist for Dagens Nyheter, Nathan Shachar has also published a number of books, including collections of articles.

In addition to his work as a journalist for Dagens Nyheter, Nathan Shachar has also published a number of books, including collections of articles.

Photo: Sophia Ranarsdotter

When it comes to themselves The award is Nathan Shahar “Proud, Honorable, and A Little Surprised” for being selected as the first winner.

Like Jackie, to stand up for these things, to take these discussions – it’s the other thing that has been done with more courage and energy than I have. I have to thank and hope it somehow conforms to the trust.

The Jewish Chronicle Prize will be awarded in memory of Jackie Jakubowski initially for a period of five years. It consists of a prize money of 50,000 SEK and a sculpture by artist Fanny Billund.

The award ceremony is held on Tuesday in cooperation with Jewish culture in Sweden.

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