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New Sony studio is working on a horror game on Unreal Engine 5

New Sony studio is working on a horror game on Unreal Engine 5

April 1, 2022, 09:14

Firesprite is working on a new AAA game. As we can deduce from the available information, it will be an adventure horror movie based on Unreal Engine 5.

takes over By Sony UK studio Firesprite seems to be working on a new AAA horror game. As noted by one of the portal users RESETERRAa job posting appeared on the company’s website looking for a person for the position of Listing Manager.

I know I don’t know anything

In principle, this is how you can determine what information is available on the Web at the moment. Their only source is the above Job offerIn it we read:

We are looking for a narrative director to join our development team to create an AAA narrative horror adventure game on Unreal 5 Engine? This person will be responsible for telling the stories, helping to create and thinking about the game world and its traditions, as well as the high-quality implementation of narrative content in the project stages and eventually until the launch of the game.

We are not sure if this is a completely new brand or if the game will be a continuation of the Sony series.

Firebright Studio

It is worth remembering that At the time of the acquisition, the Sony subsidiary was working on two projects – a shooter and a “dark” adventure game. While the second title may seem a little too close to the idea of ​​a horror-adventure game, we’re still only guessing.

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Since 2019, Firesprite has also been collaborating with the creators of Star Citizen, for whom it is preparing a special mode of the game. The British are also involved in creating the spin-off series HorizonCall of the Mountain, the release date of which we don’t know yet.

As for the productions the studio has actually made, so far it’s just survival horror The Persistence. The British, while working on their new project AAA, also point to the idea of ​​horror, so they walk on familiar ground.

Finally, it should be noted that Firesprite studio has experience creating VR games, so who knows, maybe their new production will also provide support for VR.