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Nintendo Switch OLED – The new console model screen protector should not be taken off

Since many around the world are starting to enjoy the new OLED Nintendo Switch, some have noticed that it already comes with a protective screen. According to Nintendo, this should not be undone as it will protect users from any damage should the new glass screen break.

This “anti-dispersion film” is a new addition from Nintendo, as the original Switch and Switch Lite didn’t need it because their screens are made of plastic, while the OLED model is made of glass. If the screen is broken, sharp glass shards can cause damage, and this protective screen will help prevent user damage. It will also help prevent scratches on the screen.

IGN reached out to Nintendo to inquire about it and the company confirmed that the screen protector should stay in place and mentioned that users can also add another screen protector on top if they wish.

“As stated on page 2 of the Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information Document and Instructions for Use (included in the box with the system), please do not remove the anti-scatter adhesive film from the console’s OLED screen.” A spokesperson for America told IGN. “Nintendo is selling an official screen protector for the OLED model that fits the new screen, so yes, you can use one. there he is Product information. “

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model launched on Friday, October 8, along with Metroid Dread and while it might not be a must for everyone, the new display is a huge improvement and well worth a look for anyone who likes to use the Switch as a portable console.

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In a US IGN Nintendo Switch OLED review it says: “The Nintendo Switch OLED model does enough to make this mid-generation upgrade an extra $50 to $150 over older models, assuming you don’t have a switch yet. Meanwhile That additional $50 does not make sense to Switch owners who only (or even primarily) intend to play on their TV using the dock.”