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Nisa's steel is suffocating.  Great relief from Daniel Flinsky!

Nisa’s steel is suffocating. Great relief from Daniel Flinsky!

They waited a long time for success, but when they achieved it, they did it effectively. Stall Nica’s volleyball players defeated LUK Lublin 3-0 and suffered twelve consecutive league defeats.

David Frank

Stall Nisa's volleyball players

WP SportoweFakty / Paweł Piotrowski / Photo: Siatkarze Stali Nysa

Stahl Nisa came to Laplin with a knife in his throat. Daniel Pliński’s players have lost all twelve games this season (played with one match promotion) and they need more oxygen – like points in the fight for elimination. The Lublin team, on the other hand, had beaten the favorites in the previous few matches and they were 8th in the table before the meeting with Stall.

The Nicians had already shown in the first set that they came to Lublin for victory. Initially LUK was owned by volleyball players (10: 6 lead), but then the characters gradually changed and point-to-point play began. The end of the premier part of the tournament could have gone both ways. In the end it seemed that the hosts would win as they took the lead 22:20.

Then, own mistakes happened, which gave Stall a chance at Nice. The game for good began and eventually the guests made a small mistake. After John Novakovsky’s spoiled attack, Stall won at 32:30.

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The first volume annoyed LUK Lublin. In the second set the hosts quickly took the lead by several points (9: 5). Later, Stalin’s volleyball players returned to good play. The Black Game worked better, but all the key points were gained by finishing the counter. Among the hosts was Jacques Wasnik, who failed. The guests’ consistent play allowed them to take the lead, eventually winning 25:22. After another draw, Stall won the set.

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In the third game, Luplin fans and players can get Teja Wu. LUK got off to a great start again. Finally, a block acted, and Igor Knicky played good games on the pitch instead of Crescore Bajaj. What to do if the hosts leave a few-point advantage again. Again, the mistakes in the attack did their job. Stall, in turn, played the concert on the attack. Wasim Ben Tara and Kamil Kwaszowski stood alone.

Daniel Blinsky’s students played with more confidence than themselves. They deservedly took the lead (10:11) and did not return him until the end of the set. The players from Nisa were as happy as if they had won the Polish Championship. After a long wait they finally won the league meeting. Wasim Ben Tara was the qualified MVP of this meeting. It is noteworthy that in this attack the Nice made four of their own mistakes and the rivals made eight more. In the end, it was this fact that won the guests over. Steel showed that she could do a lot.

Luke Laplin – Stall Nisa 0: 3 (30:32, 22:25, 22:25)

Close: Pajak, Filipiac, Vulodorsic, Wachnik, Novakovsky, Stager, Watten (Libero) and Knicki, Romak, Zuzvik, Grigorovich (Libero)
Stopped: Komenda, Ben Tara, Dębski, Kwasowski, M’Baye, Zajder, Dembiec (libero) and Penchev, Szwaradzki

MVP: Wasim Ben Tara

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