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Nobody cares about the new report

Nobody cares about security policy analysis

This is the text of the comment. Analysis and attitudes of the writer.

Analysis of the security policy of parliamentary parties has to be the world’s most unnecessary investigation.

Nobody cares what’s inside. nothing at all.

Twenty days later Russia attacked Ukraine for the second time since 2014, the government appointed a working group that includes representatives of all parliamentary parties. Work led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Lind With the assistance of Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.

– She’s not one NATOAnn Lindy said.

But that’s it.

Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist (south) and Foreign Minister Anne Lindh (s) during today’s press conference at the Legonit Conference Center in Stockholm.

The group will not complete its work until the end of May. But it was expedited and May 13 was set as the end date.

The group held six meetings. Their report consists of 42 pages.

Thus, enormous resources have not been invested in analyzing the fundamentally changed security policy situation since Putin first threatened Sweden and then attacked Ukraine.

distance. There is still some effort in deciding wholly unnecessary. Unnecessary in the sense that no decision maker cares about what it contains.

• The four bourgeois parties have always believed that Sweden should join NATO. Naturally, the new Russian aggression did not make any changes on that point. Not security policy analysis either.

• The Swedish Democrats opposed Sweden’s membership in NATO, but they slowly changed. First, they wanted the so-called “NATO option”, that is, to say that Sweden could join NATO if we wanted to.

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But the invasion of Ukraine changed that, too. At its election conference a week before the government appointed the analysis group, the party council, and later the executive committee, were given the green light to change the party’s negative line if they wanted to.

– If Finland joins, we must do the same, as Jimmy Okesson has emphasized many times.

on Sunday The Finnish president and his government advocate the decision to apply for membership in NATO, and therefore the state decided the issue in favor of the Swedish Democrats, who also did not benefit from the security policy analysis of their position.

The same applies to the Left Party and the Green Party. They were against Sweden’s membership in NATO ten, twenty and thirty years ago. Russia’s new attempt to subjugate Ukraine has not changed that. Not security policy analysis either.

The Social Democrats are here to stay. But in practice, their internal process was not affected by the analysis report either. The internal dialogue between them ended on Thursday before presenting the analysis.

The decision to change its stance from praising the Swedish Alliance’s freedom to saying Sweden would be safer as a NATO member will be taken by the Party Council (S) on Sunday. The meeting begins less than 48 hours after the report is submitted. I think no one wants such a short period of thought before making a difficult decision.

Security Policy Analysis Hence it was totally unnecessary. Anyway for the decision makers at the Riksdag.

But it’s still an interesting read.

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