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Nora Hamzawy in embarrassment: An unknown person vomits during one of her performances

Daily Guest On Thursday, January 13, Nora Hamzawy was embarrassed by a question by Yann Barthes, who revealed that a woman was vomiting during her new show.

There are tales that forever distinguished the artist. This could be one of them. This Thursday, January 13th, Nora Hamzawy was the guest of day to day on TMC to promote his new show – which will air live on TMC on January 26th. A program that the band is totally familiar with because they practiced taping there. So of course, Yann Barthès does not hesitate to reveal a funny dossier on the comedian. During the interview, the host ended up telling it frankly: “Does it sometimes happen that people don’t like the show to the point of vomiting during the performance?That was enough to Main embarrassment interested. “Oh damn why do you say that? how dump you are. No, but frankly, that’s obnoxious. Yes I played there…Funny, you say, before Jan Barts completed his sentence to prove that his question was not in vain:Three days, it was Tuesday“.

And Nora Al-Hamzawi replies:Why do you ask the question? You know well“.the comedian still feels compelled to specify that the person in question”She did not vomit because she did not like the show, this does not exist …“. but after that , What really happened during this performance? While performing, the young mother was disturbed by a woman hunched with her head down. Something catches his eye. “During the show, when something happens, I’m obsessed with it, and I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist‘, she says. Neither one nor two, that’s how it is Inquire about the health status of this lady.”big enoughI even asked her if she wanted her to stop showing her until her condition improved. at this moment, Nora Hamzawy still doesn’t know exactly what’s going on.

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“You didn’t vomit out of disgust at me.”

In the end, that person walked out of the room. “There was only one man left, his son-in-law, who was shy, and had also brought an 11-year-old, while my show is not recommended for those under 15.‘, says the comedian who faced The perfect cast. But the story does not end that way. After a brief period, “Men wearing large gloves arrived in the roomWhat is the artist’s question:Will they test people? What is happening ?‘I wondered, after’looks like a dreamAt this moment they gave him Announce that the woman has vomited. “But she didn’t vomit in disgust at me as you would suggest“, Nora Hamzawy concludes once again in front of the laughing Yan Barthes. You can already rest assured, this lady.”FineAs confirmed by Nora Hamzawy, who received a letter from him after that.

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