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One point gives you first place, which gives you first place?

The situation in Group D is very simple. Real Madrid face Inter Milan today in the group stage match. A Kings victory or draw would allow a team to win, and the Italians’ victory would allow guests to do so. Third place and the transition to the Europa League has already been confirmed by Sheriff Traspole, who does not have to worry about the outcome of the overseas tournament in Ukraine.

Champions League – Grupa D.
LP. Team In matches Goals Points
1. The real Madrid 5 12: 3 12
2. Inter Milan 5 9: 3 10
2. Sheriff Tyrospole 5 6:10 6
4. Shakhtar Donetsk 5 1:11 1

The final round of the Champions League group stage, which takes place today and tomorrow, will allow the final 5 participants and the last 3 team winners to be determined in the knockout round. Here’s how things turn out in two days.


In addition to the fight to beat Real Madrid, the big battle today will be for a second place in Group B, but between three teams. Porto face Atletico and Milan face Liverpool slightly ahead of England from first place. Of course Porto, who gets the promotion, is the only one who depends on himself. Atletico need to win their game and Milan can beat Liverpool by a maximum of one goal difference than victory. Rosiblancos In Portugal.

Group a
1. City
2. P.S.G.

Group B
1. Liverpool
2. Porto / Milan / Atletico

Group c
1. Ajax
2. Sports

Team d
1. True / Intermediate
2. Inter / Real


More matches will be played on Wednesday, with no final decision yet made on each team. Bayern and Manchester United are only a few ads from the top spot, and Chelsea will be battling Juventus for the top spot. In addition, we will face a correspondence battle with Benfica to promote Barcelona and a major battle for promotion to Group G.

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Group d
1. Bayern
2. Barcelona / Benfica

Group F.
1. United
2. Villarreal / Atlanta

Group G
1. Lily / Salzburg / Seville / Wolfsburg
2. Lille / Salzburg / Seville / Wolfsburg

Group H
1. Chelsea / Juventus
2. Juventus / Chelsea

The 1/8 finals will be drawn on Monday 13 December at 12:00. Teams from the first place will be added to the teams from the second place, except for teams from the same country or the same team. The first matches of this phase will be played on February 15/16 and 22/23 in the grounds of the second place teams, and the winners of the teams of 8/9 and 15/16 March 2022 will be re-matched.