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Open Austria – but only for vaccination

Restrictions on vaccinated people were lifted in large parts of Austria, the day after a large demonstration in the capital, Vienna.

For the unvaccinated, life will still be difficult.

More than 40,000 protesters objected partly to the fact that pandemic restrictions remain on the unvaccinated, who, with certain exceptions, are forced to stay at home, and partly to an upcoming vaccination order in the country.

But for more than two-thirds of Austria’s fully vaccinated population, life is now back on track. Theaters, museums, and other cultural and entertainment events open their doors on Sunday, followed by stores the next day.

In some Regions open restaurants and hotels, while others wait until later in December. For everyone, restaurants must close at 11pm, and mouth guards are required to be used on public transport, inside stores and in public places.

Last week, Chancellor Karl Nahammer called the strategy an “opening with a seatbelt,” with the nine regions potentially easing or tightening restrictions themselves as needed.

Although the number of new COVID-19 cases in the country has decreased, hospital admissions have not followed suit. Austria therefore announced that in February a vaccine demand will be introduced for all citizens over the age of 14, with a fine of up to 3,600 euros for those violating the system.

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