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Orange zakończył refarming 2100 MHz. Szybszy internet i większa pojemność sieci

Orange: No more UMTS 2100MHz. Faster internet and more network capacity

Orange announced that, after a year of work, it had completed the process of rearming the network. The operation consists of disabling UMTS 2100MHz and switching to the LTE target frequency of 2100MHz with a width of 15MHz. The Orangemen argue that the effect of these activities is to increase network capacity and a faster mobile Internet.

According to Orange Polska, rearmament own mobile network lasted more than a year. During this time it continued Disable the UMTS standard operate on frequency 2100 MHz And run the latest one here LTE 2100MHz in the band 15MHz.

Orange has just completed the related works, and the last area to be replanted is the Silesian Upper Industrial Zone. Including the process Concerned 9 thousand. base stationsAvailable to Orange Polska customers.

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Faster internet in Orange?

Orange argues that thanks to its rearmament, it has become a lot Mobile internet quality has improved LTE on the Orange network. Warsaw is given as an example. According to the operator, there is now mobile internet in the LTE band 2100MHz 5 Mbps faster. The productivity also increases in peak hours – it is higher o 9MB/sec. The data download was to be accelerated in turn by 14 percent.

Orange boasts similar results across the country. In general, replanting led to the growth of oranges LTE network capacity of about 13%, thanks to the additional 5MHz in LTE 2100MHz. Now, Oranges collectively have a 50MHz LTE band on all frequencies, which responds better to the growing demand on the internet.

The modified band now “carries” more data and makes it possible to attenuate the remaining LTE frequencies available at individual stations. As a result, the customer enjoys faster and smoother data transmission

– explains Wojtek Jabczyński, a spokesperson for Orange Polska.

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The operator also revealed this in 475 stations Nadal frequencies used UMTS 2100MHz Because of specific conditions and needs in a particular location. Goes, among others o indoor installations in commercial clients, border areas, places without UMTS 900 or specific tourist areas, such as Morskie Oko, Lake Biae, etc.

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Image source: Orange Polska

Text source: Orange Polska