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"Our New Home".  Katarsina Dauper recalled an unpleasant incident

“Our New Home”. Katarsina Dauper recalled an unpleasant incident

Project “Our new home“For almost eight years, it has been enjoying constant interest among the audience. Unfortunately, host families on the show often face harsh comments and reactions from jealous neighbors..

“Most of the time we haven’t started updating yet and the editorial office is already getting emails not to update someone. (…) Everyone believes it is worse than that and that he should get a reconstruction. As a rule, at the end of these reports, there is information that there is another family still in need. The point is, not only does it not give them, but only The best I can offer …“- They said a few months ago Interview with Mycosage Milk from the preparation of Bolsat’s project.

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An incident in the package of the “Our New Home” project. Katarcina Dauper intervened

Katarcina Dauper also faced a similar situation during a reconstruction. The presenter revealed it in an interview with It is about the behavior of a family next door neighbor. When the family set out to rebuild, everything happened, leaving the key to the host.

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Katarcina Dauper

The woman did not like the man Construction of the “Our New Home” project He is renovating the house This particular family. So she hurried to intervene with Katarzyna Dober, who remained calm despite the difficult situation..

The woman ran out of the apartment and said to me: “Ms. Kasia, what are you doing ?!”. I reply that we are renovating the house, she said: »Who, this … …. I have seen this woman like that and tell her that it is not possible. Are you a believer? “I asked. She said yes. I told her: “God hears everything there. You will not be forgiven.” This woman looked at me and entered the apartment and knocked on the door“- Katarsina recalled Dober.

Host of the “Our New Home” project He acknowledged that their condemnation of the families they wanted to help was unfortunate.

This is the inherent jealousy of human personality“- he said briefly in an interview with Pamponic.

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