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Passenger stuck on board after germ alert

Passenger stuck on board after germ alert

The ship left Wellington, New Zealand on 26 December for a New Year’s tour with several stops along the way.

But instead of being able to call in different ports, they had to sit idly by in international waters until the ship could be cleaned of potentially harmful microorganisms on the hull.

First, the cruise ship was refused permission to dock in Adelaide after Australian authorities cited “biofouling” that could lead to invasive species entering protected ecosystems.

Passengers are also said to have been denied disembarkation in Christchurch, Dunedin and Hobart. Passenger states for BBC That frustration and anger build because one has paid expensive money for a cruise and then missed the expected voyages.

Another passenger on Twitter described the holiday as “a trip from hell”.

According to the Marinetraffic website, Viking Orion is now stationary in Port Melbourne. But the passengers did not appear to have been let off due to their late arrival, which means they will not be allowed to disembark until they arrive in Sydney on Wednesday.

Shipping company Viking said in a statement to the BBC that the ship needed to be cleaned and that it would compensate passengers.

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