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Patrick Mahome’s brother arrested after sexual assault

Police arrested Patrick Mahome’s brother, Jackson.

The surveillance camera from a bar shows how he sexually harassed the owner.

– He imposed himself on me, you say Kansas City Star.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 27, is the NFL’s biggest star and was a giant of the field in last winter’s Super Bowl when the Kansas City Chiefs captured the title.

Even father, Pat Mahomes, was a longtime NFL player, but the whole family wasn’t so successful.

Patrick Mahomes.
Patrick Mahomes.

Younger brother Jackson Mahomes, 22, has done so many times called for A “wannabe influencer” trying to make his career on social media.

handed over to the owner

Now he has also been arrested by the police, on suspicion of gross sexual harassment on February 25.

Overland Park Police have confirmed that Jackson Mahomes is charged with assaulting a 40-year-old woman at a bar she owned outside of Kansas City.

Jackson Mahomes with the police.
Jackson Mahomes with the police.

The woman, identified as Aspen Vaughn, accuses Mahomes of trying to kiss her and grabbing her neck.

He imposed himself on me and kissed me out of nowhere. I pushed him away and asked, “What are you doing?” Kansas City Star.

visible by camera

Although Vaughn had video evidence from a surveillance camera to support her claims, Mahomes denied them through his attorney, Brandan Davis.

Jackson did nothing wrong. Davies says our investigation has yielded compelling evidence that refutes both the allegation and the statements of many witnesses.

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Jackson Mahomes is also accused of shoving a 19-year-old waiter multiple times that evening.