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Paul Signac, artist embodied in the discovery of Saint-Tropez


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France 2
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Jaggett, M. Rainier, C. Brunette, N. Berthelot, – France 2

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20H de France 2 invites you to discover the inspiration of Paul Signac, to whom the Musée Jacquemart-André dedicates an exhibition Until July 26. It is the city of Saint-Tropez that inspired him with the colors and lights of his paintings.

Once upon a time there was Paul Signac the sailor solar painter who loved the sea, its silver reflections, its shimmering sky and its colours. He is the author of vibrant paintings, such as landscapes of heat that are missed only by the sound of waves or the song of cicadas. There are before and after in the painter’s career, separated by the discovery of the city of Saint-Tropez, which changed the way he painted. Before Saint-Tropez, the light was diffused, the colors contrasted, all very dotting. The idea is not to mix colors, to use pure colors, it is up to the eye of the beholder to operate the fusion of colors and tones.‘, he explains Marina Ferretti, curator of the exhibition dedicated to the painter at the Musée Jacquemart André.

Five years later, when he discovered Saint-Tropez in 1892, on his boat named “Olympia” in honor of Manet, Signac changed his style. The light from the south is reflected on his painter, his touch lengthens, his style becomes mosaic, the colors become warmer and more contrast, the canvas vibrates more. Signac would spend the rest of his life creating dazzling harmony.

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