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Pedro Rivera, father of Jenny Rivera, has been prosecuted for alleged sexual harassment

Pedro Rivera, father of Jenny Rivera, was accused of sexual harassment; He denied the accusations (Image: Instagram/@pedroriveramusic)

Singer’s father Jenny RiveraAnd Pedro Rivera, in the United States to Alleged sexual harassment. Although the identity of the complainant is unknown, a woman has been working with him for nearly two decades.

The controversies surrounding Jenny Rivera’s family do not stop emerging, but this time they directly and legally refer to the father of Diva groupwho had previously defended himself before the authorities.

As mentioned by the program Tell me what you know, in the Miami, Florida court, a lawsuit was found on the points that Pedro Rivera charged with sexual harassment and 10 other charges Among the unjustified dismissal, the deliberate imposition of psychological stress, and several cases due to non-payment of the appropriate salary.

"Tell me what you know" File the lawsuit against Pedro Rivera (Image: screenshot/Youtube)
“Suelta la Sopa” filed the lawsuit by Pedro Rivera (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

This request was submitted anonymously by a woman under a pseudonym Jane Doo On November 3, 2020, not only against the singer, but also against his company aquarium strips, where the alleged victim would have worked for 19 years as a property manager, a position very close to Rivera.

Regarding the first point, which relates to the alleged sexual harassment, it is read in the application documents made by the same program, Pedro Rivera Touching and touching her incorrectly and without the plaintiff’s consent during business hours, at the same location, which will be the Cintas Acuario facilities, in California, United States.

The singer will be too attacker To the alleged victim outside his working hours and in front of his family and friends of the church he attended. “he is He grabbed her arm violently and shook her while falsely accusing her of leaking information about her family to the press,” the lawsuit states.

Jenny Rivera's father was accused by an alleged employee of his company Cintas Acuario (Image: Instagram/@pedroriveramusic)
Jenny Rivera’s father was accused by an alleged employee of his company Cintas Acuario (Image: Instagram/@pedroriveramusic)

This situation, as well as who witnessed it, would have been known by many of the singer’s company, and it could have caused psychological damage to Jane due to the humiliation that could have been intentional.

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As indicated, Cintas Acuario was aware of the sexual harassment of the victim, They wouldn’t act in their favor in any way No action has been taken against the father Diva group.

What the plaintiff asks is the trial of the accused, but also a Economic compensation for damages, attorneys’ fees, costs of the lawsuit, and any additional compensation the court deems just.

Rivera declined to comment on the lawsuit he is facing (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)
Rivera declined to comment on the lawsuit he is facing (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

The submitted document reads that The trial did not take place So far, however, on the part of the respondent, Pedro Rivera, there is indeed a response to the said request and this has been that it has been rejected in general and on both the substantive allegations contained therein.

As the singer said in front of cameras Tell me what you knowHe wasn’t aware of the allegations, but he said so Can’t talk about it, In addition to trying to avoid answering the questions asked about it.

Leaving a building in a car, he tried not to answer questions asked about this lawsuit, but appreciated the attention of the press.

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