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Peng Shuai has disappeared after accusations against the former Vice President of China

In a blog post published on Tuesday, 35-year-old Peng Shuai spoke of abuse that reportedly occurred ten years ago.

“I was so scared that afternoon. I never gave my consent, I cried all the time” NPR.

The blog post, which was posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, ran for about 20 minutes before it was removed.

According to Shuai, Bing Shuai and Zhang Gaoli must have been in a relationship for several years which, according to her, was not voluntary from the start but should have started with a sexual assault. The two broke off the relationship in connection with Zhang Gaoli’s tenure as deputy prime minister. A few years later, the connection was resumed when Zhang Gaoli invited the tennis star home to dinner. Bing Shuai states that he raped her in the afternoon while his wife was on guard outside the door.

It had a huge impact

After the blog post disappeared, Peng Shuai also disappeared. No one has ever heard or seen her. Her social media has been cleared, and she is still over a year old.

SVT’s Asia correspondent, Ulrika Bergsten, says the event had a huge impact in China.

– She retweeted her deleted posts, which they were able to recreate in different ways, I think 7 million times. The censors were chased and closed. Allegedly, you can’t even search for “tennis” anymore, as it says on Morgonstudion.

Peng Shuai finished first in the world in doubles in 2014 but hasn’t played at the top level since 2020.