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Pension and assignment contract.  Because of unwanted contracts, the 72-year-old has pensions of up to one thousand zlotys

Pension and assignment contract. Because of unwanted contracts, the 72-year-old has pensions of up to one thousand zlotys

Seniority is only the period during which employee He has done work under an employment contract, appointment, appointment, election or cooperative employment contract. The number of full-time jobs he has worked and the manner in which individual contracts are terminated are not important here. However, delegation contracts are not included in the length of serviceWhich employers love very much.

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Mr. Bowie, 72, worked on a pension he did not deserve. All this through an authorization contract described the story of the 72-year-old Mr. Bowie. He worked as a policeman almost his whole life, and even after his retirement from the police, he was still earning a living. As the portal informs, ZUS contributions are paid from delegation contracts and although this contract operates on a similar principle to a full-time contract, there are some differences that lead to a difficult situation retired. The assignment contracts he signed are not commensurate with his seniority.

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Gets the guy who used to be a cop the retirement from ZER and an additional one from ZUS. However, in his opinion, after 20 years of work and very high contributions, the total amount of 1,600 PLN is not very satisfactory. – According to my calculations, my pension from ZUS should be about 1000 zlotys higher. The problem is that for 20 years of work under the deputation contract, I do not have enough work experience for such a pension, so ZUS does not see any reasons to increase it – Bowie said in an interview with

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hold for. Work experience and retirement

In sum, an assignment contract is a definite contract which, though contributing to the same principles as in the case of an employment contract, cannot calculate the period of employment on the basis of seniority, but with appropriate contributions, has a significant impact on the pension amount of employees in The future ”- we read on the website

– Employers often offer their employees an authorization contract, because it is a relatively simple solution, which gives the illusion of an alternative to a full-time job – there is health insurance, pension contributions. Unfortunately, contracts are not as beneficial to employees as a full-time job – says legal advisor Jacek Chałasiński. It is stated that the employee does not have the following in the delegation a. The right to leave or parental leave. The person hired is not an official employee of the company.

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