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PlayStation Plus April 2022 These free games are included

PlayStation Plus April 2022 These free games are included

Yesterday’s leak of the PlayStation Plus lineup for April 2022 was followed by the official reveal by Sony today.

As expected, this allows you to focus on the asynchronous multiplayer title Hood: Outlaws and Legends For PS5 and PS4 (our impressions) that promises the classic Robin Hood scenario. You compete in teams of 4 to steal treasure, distribute it to the poor, or enrich yourself with it. To do this, you have to explore a variety of maps, steal the key to the treasure room, loot it and eventually load the treasure, which decides the match for you. Your opposite is a somewhat overbearing sheriff who is trying to sabotage your plans.

The second address is SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom For PS4, where you fight against evil plankton like SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. You have to save Bikini Bottom from a crazy horde of robots or engage in exciting battles in multiplayer mode.

Finally waiting slay the spire In April on players, a mixture of arcade and roguelike. As you build your deck, encounter strange creatures, discover relics of immeasurable power and fight your way to the top of the tower.

As usual, the new PlayStation Plus lineup will be available next Tuesday. Until then, games from March are available for download, including ghost legends tsushimaAnd the Advanced Arc SurvivalAnd the Gustrner And the Sonic Racing Team.

Also available in April is Persona 5, which will leave the PlayStation Plus lineup on May 11.

Everything new from June!

From June, the PlayStation Plus model will fundamentally change, as revealed on Tuesday. Sony then offers three tiers within the service, including the current PlayStation Now offering. The previous PlayStation Plus will then be replaced by the basic level and, according to official information, will only include two free games each month.

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