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Poland – San Marino. Conflict between David and Goliath (numbers)

One hundred million euro worth of poles with the best striker in the world and a stadium that can accommodate almost twice as many people as living in San Marino.

On Saturday evening, the Polish national team faces San Marino as part of the qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Saying that the Polish team is a favorite is not like saying anything. This is evidenced by the following figures.

Poland – San Marino. Benedettini against Lewandowski

210.That is, the last place in the FIFA rankings is occupied by the San Marino representation. Poland 27th.

55., The last of Sanmer’s leagues in the UEFA classification. Poland is ranked 26th

100 thousand euro The most valuable players in the San Marino representation are thus rated (goalkeeper Elijah Benedettini and pioneer Nicola Nanny). The most expensive pole – Robert Lewandowski – is worth 60 million euros.

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10 thousand euro – This is how some of the “less valuable” players on the San Marino team are respected. In Poland, Damian Simaski is “cheap” – 1.2 million euros.

Euro 0.52 million Worth San Marino’s first “11” since the last elimination match with Albania (1-5). The value of the first row of poles from the junction with England (1-1) is EUR 157 million.

6.5K audience It is the San Marino Stadium, the national stadium of San Marino, and has a record attendance of 5,000. The audience. On the other hand, 58,000 people can watch the matches at the National Stadium in Warsaw. All tickets for the fans and Saturday game were sold out. Interestingly, the National Stadium in Warsaw is almost twice as crowded as San Marino (approximately 32 thousand).

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