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Pole next to a hair of the platform halfway. Big Leap for Stefan Kraft

The first series of competition at Klingenthal was very successful for Kamel Stoch. The Polish captain jumped 132 meters and in the middle of the competition finished fourth, only 1.1 points off the podium. Stefan Kraft made a great jump.

Matthews Kozaniki

full stoush

PAP / EPA / MARTIN DIVISEK / Pictured: Kamel Stoush

In the past, Vogtlandarena in Klingenthal was lucky for the Poles. Camille Stoch and Krzysztof Pigeon won there, and the team was on the highest step on the podium twice.

However, it has been more than eight years since the last individual victory and it was difficult to predict that one of the Poles would win 100 points in the general classification.

The start of the season, made by the team Michał Doleżal, was unsuccessful. This means that only four players came to Saxony – the rest went to a lower-ranking competition or went to training in Ramsau.

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The White and Red Quartet has been promoted to Saturday’s competition. However, the series of experiments did not go according to the wishes of the Poles – the best Camille Stoch was only 20 years old.

It was better in the first series. Pawe Wąsek started with a very good attempt – at 128 metres. Soon the young player earned his place in the second round. Aleksandr Znisszkoz landed three meters close to him and was the only one to say goodbye to the competition.

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The 130-meter line was broken by Piotr Żyła. The world champion from Oberstdorf recorded 130.5 meters and was in the lead for a moment. It was also made by Camille Stoch himself. The captain of the Polish team reached 132 meters with the slightest wind in the rear. That gave him second place after his jump – 2.2 points behind leader Manuel Wittner.

The end of the first series was the Festival of Long Walks. 136 meters was achieved by Halvor Egner Granerud. Ryoyu Kobayashi landed at half a meter, and Stefan Kraft took the lead with a superb attempt at 138 metres.

No one was able to overtake the Austrian anymore, and after the first round he was ahead of his compatriot Manuel Wittner by 6.4 points. Camille Stoch was slightly behind the top three, just 1.1 points behind Ryo Kobayashi. Piotr Żyła (16th place) and Pawe Wąsek (25th) also entered the second round. Alexander Zniszol was 37 years old.

Results of the first series of competition at Klingenthal:

I am that player Area distance Noticeable
1. Stefan Kraft Austria 138 139.2
2. Manuel Wittner Austria 135,5 132.8
3. Ryoyo Kobayashi Japan 136.5 131.7
4. full stoush Poland 132 130.6
5. Halvor Aigner Grandrod Norway 136 128,5
6. Marcus Eisenbechler Germany 132.5 128
7. Karl Geiger Germany 132 127.1
8. Marius Lindvik Norway 133 126.1
9. Stephen Leahy Germany 134 125.6
10. Jan Huerl Austria 132 124.9
16. Piotr Żyła Poland 130,5 122.4
25. Bowie Wasik Poland 128 118.5
37. Alexander the Destroyer Poland 125 108,8
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