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Police found four bodies after a house fire in Sandviken

Villa in a residential area in Sandviken Burnt so badly the night before Christmas Day Police feared that the four people living in the house had remained inside the villa, which was destroyed by the fire.

Extensive search for corpses

Police technicians worked extensively to search for the family’s missing bodies and find answers to what might have caused the fire in Sandviken.

The bodies were taken to forensic medicine in Uppsala for identification. The identification of corpses is done with the help of dental cards and DNA from relatives.

Police technicians who have worked at the site of the fire in Sandviken since December 25 have finished their work today. Technicians have a picture of the path of the fire and where the fire started. A statement about the fire will be ready from the police within one to two months.

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The villa in Sandviken was completely destroyed in a fire that broke out and erupted during the night on Christmas Day. Photo: Roger Nelson

Inform the relatives

Over the New Year’s weekend, police in Sweden, backed by police in Germany, Switzerland and the Philippines, sent out notifications to relatives that four people had been found in the fire.

According to the police, there is no doubt that there was a crime behind the fire.