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Police in Gliwice: A4 highway under special surveillance

Police in Gliwice: A4 highway under special surveillance

Today, May 16th, the guards of the Motorway Police Station and the road traffic from Gliwice and Katowice carry out “safe highway” operations in conjunction with the ITD. On the longest highway in the country, we control, among other things, comply with speed limits, adhere to the correct distance from the vehicle in front, obey obstacles to overtake and use the phone, and wear passenger seat belts. Increased checks are being carried out using the Speed ​​Team’s unmarked police cars.

The joint efforts of the police and road traffic inspection officers are aimed at improving safety on the country’s longest highway. Last year, in the Silesian section of the A4 alone, there were 19 road accidents in which 3 people were killed and 30 were injured. Since the beginning of this year, we have already had 2 people killed and 11 injured in 10 accidents.

Keep in mind that there are additional road rules on motorways. A motorist traveling on a motorway or expressway must keep the minimum distance between the vehicle ahead of him on the same lane. This distance, expressed in meters, is defined as less than half the number of hours expressed in kilometers per hour representing the speed of the driver’s vehicle. I.e. driving the highway at 140 speeds Km / h, There should be a distance of at least 70 meters between the vehicle passing in front of him on the same lane. For this offense, the fee is PLN 300 to 500.

During the operation, the police will check whether the drivers are moving at the permitted speed, complying with the duty to drive on the right lane, keeping the appropriate distance from the vehicle in front, and complying with the obstacles to overtake. Use of the phone and whether all passengers are wearing seat belts. Operations include the Speed ​​Group’s unmarked police cars and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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