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Polish Post warns of a new scam. You can lose money

2022-04-14 09:28

2022-04-14 09:28

Polish Post warns of a new scam.  You can lose even several hundred zlotys
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Poczta Polska warns about counterfeit shipments that scammers send to random recipients. You should pay for the parcel upon delivery. The fee is several times higher than the value of the items in the package. You can lose from several tens to several hundred zlotys.

The expansion of e-commerce has opened up new opportunities for scammers. Criminals have a new way to extort money. “It consists of Shipping merchandise of little valuelike a plastic ring or a ball, for random fans When referring to a collection amount disproportionate to the content of the shipment From the addressee ”- Poczta Polska states.

Customers waiting for ordered products in online stores must verify the identity of the shipper and make sure that the seller made the purchase from him before paying. The senders of the parcel, acting on impulse at the moment of an unexpected visit by the courier and the need for a quick decision, decide to pay for the mysterious parcel and accept it.

– Let’s not buy A cat in a poke ’cause that’s what This is what scammers rely on. Let’s consult family members and inform each other if we order something online. An unexpected visit at the delivery man’s door With an unknown shipment, in addition to being paidWe must raise our vigilance. If we decide to pay for this shipment, we may be very disappointed with its content, for which we have to pay a lot of money – confirms Daniel Witowski, spokesperson for Poczta Polska.

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Remember that anyone who accepts a COD package and feels cheated by its content, Such an incident should be reported to the police– confirms Poczta Polska in a press release posted on the site.

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