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Putin is angry at the unexpected response

President Putin said in a televised address that his “special operation” in Ukraine is going according to plan.

But behind the scenes, he must be angry and surprised by the sanctions against Russia, according to a leaked FBI report.

After the invasion, his behavior changed, according to the informant. CNN writes.

After eight days of fighting, more Ukrainian cities were under Russian control.

And rocket fire has escalated in recent days and thousands of civilians are said to have been killed in the attacks.

More than a million people have fled the country as a result of the fighting.

Externally, Putin shows no inclination to back off his conquest Ukraine.

Residential buildings on the outskirts of Kyiv were bombed on Thursday.

In a 90-minute conversation with French President Macron, he said on Thursday that he “continues to fight against the nationalists” without any concessions.

Leaked FBI report

The Russian president justified the invasion again by saying that Ukraine should be “uprooted”.

In a televised address later Thursday, he continued along the same lines, stating that the “special operation” was going exactly according to plan.

Ukrainian people called for brainwashing.

They’re like neo-Nazis Russia Putin told people that the fighting and these neo-Nazis are using their civilians as shields.

Ukraine has snipers on its roofs. They are brutal. While we do everything so as not to waste any lives.

In a speech Thursday evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the operation was going exactly as planned.

But according to a leaked FBI report read by CNN, it’s even more chaotic behind the scenes at the Kremlin.

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Putin was said to have expressed his “extreme anger” at the sanctions imposed by the West after the invasion.

“He feels that the sanctions escalated the situation faster than he expected and that they went further than he deems reasonable,” the report wrote.

Changed in recent days

The development is said to mean that Putin became “unpredictable” in just the last few days after the invasion began.

The FBI also notes in the report that the lack of reliable information in Russia about the escalation before and after the invasion meant that even the country’s most powerful country did not understand what was going on.

This allowed people to leave Russia before the sanctions closed, the borders were closed and the airports remained in the country. CNN writes.

There is a secondary source behind the information in the report, but the source of the information must be a person with “excellent access” to Russian senior management who previously provided information that can be verified later.

According to a leaked FBI report read by CNN, Putin was said to have expressed “extreme anger” at the sanctions imposed by the Western world after the invasion.

CNN writes that the FBI does not rule out that the source who provided the information is doing so as part of a Russian disinformation campaign to manipulate the United States in future decision-making about sanctions and other measures.

It is also suspected on the American side that Putin may have a strategy of appearing uneasy to get what he wants from the West for fear that he will do something much worse, CNN . writes.

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More sanctions against the elite

But according to CNN, other federal authorities find the report interesting enough to request additional information from the source.

Neither the FBI nor the CIA wanted to comment on the information.

A US intelligence source told CNN that it is very difficult to get first-hand information on Putin’s condition and his grip on power.

– He’ll need to intercept a call from a phone or video call when he loses his temper with his ministers or something.

Real-time communication between members of the government is a very difficult goal.

At the same time, the United States continues to impose new sanctions on the richest and most powerful Russia in an attempt to put pressure on Putin.

Among the figures mentioned in the elite now covered by sanctions is Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, the Russian billionaire whose luxury yacht was seized by Germany earlier this week.

During his address to the nation on Wednesday night, US President Joe Biden warned the oligarchic that the Western world was looking for their “illegal fortunes.”

“Tonight I say to the Russian oligarchs and the corrupt leaders who have fraudulently made billions thanks to this violent system that it is over,” Biden said.

Vladimir Putin with oligarch Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov.

crime investigation

The US Department of Justice is creating a special force to investigate the crimes of the Russian oligarchy. We are teaming up with our European allies to find and grab yachts, luxury apartments and private jets.

In addition to sanctions against individuals, the United States and its allies have frozen Russian bank assets and closed their airspace to Russian aircraft.

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On Thursday, Putin sent intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin to protest Western sanctions against the country.

The head of the foreign intelligence service said that the West was trying to “build a new iron curtain, according to the Russian news agency TASS”.

But the United States and NATO are too cowardly to confront Russia in an open military conflict and therefore have imposed all the sanctions.

Russian intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin.

Chief Spy Warning

He sees the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “collapse of the unipolar world” in which there is only one party, the United States in this case, that rules and controls the world.

– The worst thing about the sanctions is that they occur with false slogans such as defending Ukraine’s independence and European security, says intelligence chief Naryshkin, according to TASS.

He also warns that one will see “a completely different Ukraine in the future.”