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Quake Enhanced Gets Limited Physical Editions •

Surprise: The Quake Enhanced Edition from Nightdive Studios was recently officially announced by Microsoft and Bethesda. Remaster is currently only available on the digital version for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. This is about to change soon.

Anyone who likes to fill their shelves with physical prints would be happy to hear that message—or maybe not? Quake Enhanced will get a fixed and physical release, but this will be limited and only available for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Starting August 27, you can choose between Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions on both platforms. The Standard Edition has the game in a nice case for $29.99 (about 25 Euros), in the Deluxe Edition you get the game in a neat old box with a double-sided sticker, a metal Quake logo keyring, a hard book and a coin for $79.99 (about 70 euros).

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If you want to give yourself the ultimate roar of Quake, you can stock up on the Merch of the Ultimate Edition. Here you get the contents of the Deluxe Edition plus a Quake Quad Damage Engine Replica Statue, an enamel pin, a 3-inch metal Shambler figure, a ring of shades, a Quake logo shirt and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The package is available in a replica of the box pistol for $179.99 (about €150).

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You can get the new old Quake digitally with anti-aliasing, support for up to 4K resolution, wide screens, dynamic and color lighting, motion blur and depth of field for just €9.99 – and without any additional plastic production. Anyone who still owns Quake from Id Software, which was released in 1996, can get the redesigned title. Free for PC to receive.

Whether your heart is pounding to collect physical chests or you prefer to digitally upload your game to Xbox Game Pass or another no-frills platform, the fun of the Enhanced Edition is what ultimately matters.

With Quake celebrating its 25th birthday this year, we’ve looked for five things about Quake that you don’t need to know, but are pretty funny to know.

Also good to know: Quake, Quake II, and Quake III Arena have been on Xbox Game Pass since Thursday Available.